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Of all the issues that people have, none are quite as damaging as a lack of confidence. It prevents us from becoming the best version of ourselves. It leads us into bad situations, ways of being that we use to mask the lack of confidence we have. We can take it out on other people; some people who belittle and intimidate others do so because they feel they have to make other people feel smaller than them. So there are a lot of benefits on working towards becoming more confident! But it’s not always the easiest thing in the world. Below, we take a look at nine steps that’ll have you on the right path towards a more confident 2019.


New Beginnings

They say that it doesn’t matter where you start in life; what’s important is where you end up. There’s little value in looking into the past! And that includes the year twenty-eighteen. It doesn’t matter if it was a year of wins or losses – now that we’re in twenty-nineteen, you’ve got another opportunity to build a life in your image. The concept of days and months are man-made, and it’s true that you can make changes to your life at any time, but the new year is a particularly good time. It’s all about new beginnings!

Set a Goal

It’s easy just to float through life, especially when we have a home and a job and so on. Those things take up enough of our time, what’s the point in doing more? Isn’t it better to relax? Well, no, actually, if you’re trying to build up your confidence levels, then it’s not! You don’t get confidence and then decide to tackle a project or reach a goal. You get confidence by doing it. So think about something you want to achieve during this year, and get working on it. It’ll move you in a positive direction.

Identify Issues

There are some people out there who think they have severe confidence issues, but they don’t – it’s just that there are a couple of underlying issues that are preventing them from having as much confidence as they’d like. Let’s always keep in mind that life isn’t easy, and even if you had an excellent upbringing, there’ll be some factors that bring you down. If you can look within and identify what these issues are, you’ll be able to keep their impact to a minimum. It’s always worthwhile taking the time to get to know yourself, a little bit at least.

Control What Can Be Controlled

You can’t always do the things that will bring you confidence. You’d be a confident if you suddenly landed your dream job, for instance, but that’s not within your hands: you have to be given it. But there are factors that you can control, especially when it comes to things that have a big impact on your confidence, such as your appearance. If things like your weight, teeth, hair, or clothes are bringing you down, then do something about them. You can book an appointment with a dentist, and begin the journey towards getting your perfect smile. You can throw out your old clothes, and buy new threads at a store that’s slightly higher-quality than the shops where you usually shop. Instead of letting your hair go wild, pay for a treatment at a salon. All of these things are within your control, so take care of them!


Beware Negative Thoughts

Very often, it’s not what’s going on on the outside that has a negative impact on our confidence. It’s what’s going on inside our minds. We tend to think of the brain as our friend, but it can sometimes be our enemy! If you find your mind giving you negative feedback, then work on silencing that voice. They call it the inner critic for a reason – and like all critics, no-one says you need to give it much attention. If your brain pipes up and tells you you’re not good enough or anything else negative, push the thought away. Learn to talk to yourself as you would a friend who was trying their best.

Do Things For Others

We live in a society that pushes people to think only about themselves. But actually, if you look at what happens in society on a daily basis, you’ll see that people help each other all the time – humans want to help each other. And the good news is that if you help someone else, you’re not just helping them – you’re helping yourself, too. People who have been searching for confidence typically say that they found great success when it came to doing charitable work. You don’t have to do anything major. Even volunteering one hour at a week at an organisation that you have an interest in is enough to get the ball rolling.

Stand Tall

Here’s the thing about confidence: no-one else is going to give it to you. People might build you up, but you’re the one who has to believe it. The good news is that you can help yourself along the way. In fact, there’s a common cheat that’ll make you feel more confident: stand tall. If you’re out in public, don’t slouch around – put your shoulders back and your head up. You’ll find that people naturally seem to give you more respect and attention, which can be terrific for your confidence levels.

Don’t Wait for Validation

Confidence, like happiness, has to come from within. If you’re placing either of these things in the hands of other people, then you’re going to have way too many ups and downs. Instead, it’s better to work on developing a more robust level of confidence. That way, it can’t be taken away by anyone else! We’ll give an example: if you’re a writer or a drawer or anything else, don’t wait for other people to tell you your work is good because you believe it. You’ll always be seeking their validation. Instead, have faith that it’s good to begin with!