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Wedding favors are an excellent way of saying thank you to all of your guests for being a part of your special day while giving them something that will remind them of your wedding in the future. However, most people struggle to find original ideas, yet they don’t want something that has been done time and time before. Keeping that in mind, read on to discover the top ten creative wedding favor ideas you should discuss with your wedding planner…

1. Tea and Honey – Present your guests with the perfect way to relax after all of the festivities by giving them a sweet honey stirrer stick and loose gourmet tea. When decorated with ribbon and a tag, this will look quirky yet beautiful.

2. Key Bottle Openers –
If your wedding venue is going to be laced in vintage decorations, this is a great favor to consider. An ornate key bottle opener is unlikely to be something your guests will expect.

3. Box of Edible Treats –
Any wedding consultant will tell you that food favors are growing in popularity, however, you can think outside of the box to make your favor different from the rest. Instead of personalised candy and such like, why not fill a box with delicious mini pastries, cakes or sweet pies?

4. Puzzle Pendants –
Puzzle pendants offer a unique and beautiful way of saying thank you to your bridesmaids. Each piece of the puzzle can have one of your bridesmaid’s names engraved onto it.

5. Wedding Activity Pack –Keep children occupied with a fun activity pack that’s based on your wedding day. Why not include face masks they can use if you are having an open photo booth hire? You can even incorporate this into your adult favor gifts if you are having a photo booth.

6. Pamper Pack – Your bridesmaids have pampered you and tended to your every need, now is the time to return the favour with a pamper pack, including the likes of nail polishes, facemasks, and candles.

7. Herbal Essence –
Individual plants of rosemary offer a unique way of saying thank you to your guests. Not only will all guests get use out of this gift, but also they are the symbol of fidelity, which, of course, ensures the favor is the right theme for the wedding.

8. Colouring Book –
A colouring book with a love theme is another great option if you are looking for wedding favors for children in particular.

9. Compass Key Chains
– This is another excellent suggestion to discuss with your wedding planner company if you are hosting a vintage style wedding. Not only are compass key chains unique, but also they carry a beautiful meaning, as you and your partner found each other.

10. Cocoa Cones –
If you are hosting a wedding in the winter, you may want to consider filling a plastic cone with hot chocolate powder and marshmallows. Your guests will be able to have a delicious, warm and rich drink when they get home, and this is assured to go down a treat with junior bridesmaids and young guests too.