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If you’re a parent, you have a lot of things to worry about. You’re always thinking: are my kids alright and enjoying their lives, and have I caught up on every task that I planned to do? This can be even more difficult if you’re a working Mom, too. Balancing everything and trying your best to give your kids the best life possible can leave you at the back of the queue, especially when it comes to looking after your health. You’ve just got used to that cold or flu that your child keeps getting from daycare and passing to you, but you don’t have to! Follow these simple tips.

Eat well

Ok, we get it. When you’re looking after your kids, it can be easy to just sit with them whilst they’re having dinner, eating their leftover chicken nuggets and then carrying on with that long list of things that you have to do in the evening. It can seem like a never ending, tiring task, but make sure that you always make time for yourself to eat in the evenings, preferably with your family. There are plenty of recipes you’ll enjoy and your kids will love, too, and you can make tweaks for yours if you’d prefer a bit more spice or added ingredients. Eating well will help to tackle illness, and will give you the energy you need!

Look into vitamins and supplements

When it comes to fighting infection, your body can usually do the best part of it alone. Yet a little added help wouldn’t go a miss, and why fill your body with chemicals and drugs if you could go the natural way? Many of these supplements help your body to do its job, rather than doing the job for it, and some are natural painkillers like liquid THC. Vitamins such as B12 and iron will help to boost your energy, alongside things like vitamin C. Your body needs these vitamins, but if you can’t fit them all into your diet, taking supplements will really help you to fight off illnesses and feel awake and ready for the day. Say goodbye to the chemicals and caffeine, and hello to nature’s way of making you feel great.

Have some ‘you time’

Where mental health is concerned, it is important as a busy Mom to have some ‘you time’. Being at home all of the time or working hard to make ends meet can leave you in a rut, going round and round and tiring yourself out. The most important thing that you can do is have some time to yourself, doing something that you really enjoy, even if it’s only for a couple of hours a week. Even watching a film you’ve always wanted to watch whilst the kids are in bed is a good way for you to unwind, and make sure that you stop working at a certain time so that your brain can relax. Treat yourself, it’s important!

So, there are many ways to keep healthy as a busy Mom; try these health tips out!