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How cope with the stress of planning your dream day...

Weddings are important because they celebrate life and possibility.
– Anne Hathaway

Wedding days are always stressful, right? Wrong! Although lots of brides and grooms do end up spending most of their wedding day in a state of stress, missing out on the beautiful beginning of their marriage because they’re worrying about whether they’ll trip as they walk down the aisle or if the food will be good, there are many couples who leave the stress behind them. Once the big day has been planned and the wedding invites have been sent out, lots of soon to be wed couples are able to chill out and enjoy their big day – which is exactly how things are supposed to be.

How so they do that?

1. They Understand You Can’t Control Everything
The people who start off their marriages most stressed out are the control freaks – the people who think that they can control everything and do their best to do so. If you want to be calm on your wedding day, you need to make peace with the fact that things can and do go wrong. Sure, you can make a few contingency plans just in case, but for the most part, just embrace the fact that life is uncertain and know that marrying the person you love is what really matters – not the bells and whistles that go with it.

2.They Hire a Wedding Coordinator
Smart brides and grooms to be realize that, just because they can plan their big day themselves and just because they can be in charge of ensuring that things go without a hitch, doesn’t mean that they have to. They hire someone else to coordinate proceedings, thus removing much of the stress from their own lives. You should take a leaf out of their books.

3. Break with Tradition
If there’s something that is traditionally part of wedding ceremonies in your culture, but the mere thought of including it is enough to make your heart skip a beat, and your mouth go dry, then do not hesitate to skip it. It’s your big day, and you need to be as calm and comfortable as possible. Traditions are made to be broken.

4. They Keep a Clear Schedule
Stress-free soon to be married people do not schedule every second of their big day with big family brunches, a whole team of stylists, waxers, makeup artists and whatever else many people think they need for the wedding day to be perfect. Sure, they do some of that stuff, but they also make sure that there are lots of big blocks of free time, so they can chill out and have the time and space to deal with any problems without getting into a state.

5. They Don’t Endlessly Check Things Out
A lot of brides become so obsessed with their wedding day being perfect that they spend half of the day driving up to the  venue, checking on the progress, talking to the caterers, calling the best man to check the groom is getting ready in a timely manner, and it makes them extremely stressed out and frazzled. It also lessens the impact of walking into the venue during the main event. Don’t be like them and trust that everything is happening as planned. You’ll enjoy the day so much more if you can do this.


6. Have a Handy Friend on Hand
It’s a good idea for both the bride and groom to have at least one good friend who’s been there and done it before on hand on the big day, to keep the stress away., They can help by bustling the wedding dress or doing the tie-up just right, walking you through what’s going to happen and calming your nerves.

7. Sneak Some Alone Time 
Although the wedding day is supposed to be about you – the bride and groom – you will have all manner of friends and family members vying for your attention, and it can get quite stressful. It is, then, a very good idea to try and sneak even just a few minutes with the person you have just tied your life to forever. That time will allow you to process what’s happened and you can give each other the comfort and strength you need to get through the rest of the reception.

8. Let Your Hair Down
So many newly married couples are so conscious of how they look, even after the ceremony when they’re supposed to be having fun at the reception that they spend the evening stressed out, bored and unhappy. Do you really want to start your marriage like that? If not, don’t worry so much about how you look, let your hair down and party with your loved ones!

Enjoy your wedding – it really doesn’t have to be a source of stress if you don’t want it to be!


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