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When you think of a party or event, it’s usually fun and good times that spring to mind. But if you’re the person responsible for getting everything set up, it can be a lot of pressure on you. If you love having get togethers but can’t be doing with the stress, here are some ideas for making life a little easier.

Make it a potluck party
If cost is your main stress when you’re hosting a party then why not make it a potluck? Invite all of your guests to bring a dish, that way there’s no major expense on one person, and there’s plenty of food to go round. It’s especially good if your friends are keen cooks as you all get to sample each other’s dishes. It can be useful to create a theme if you’re going down this route, that way all of the dishes will complement each other. For example, you could choose a certain kind of cuisine, and then assign appetisers, starters, mains and desserts to different guests. That way you get a good mixture of all kinds of dishes.

Get caterers in
Another way you can host a stress free party, is by having the food done by an event catering company. It gives you peace of mind that everything will be of a high standard, and leaves you free to get on with other things. If it’s a more formal event, a bigger event or somethng that you want to ensure is just right then using caterers can be a smart choice. Different companies will offer different packages, you can even find specialist caterers for things like vegan, vegetarian, halal and other dietary requirements if you prefer.

Host it at a venue
One of the biggest stresses of hosting a party or event is cleaning up your home afterwards, if you have a lot of guests, it can also be a struggle fitting them in, getting enough seating in place and more. When you host at a venue, all of this is sorted for you. There are plenty of toilets, plenty of space, seating and you can have the music loud without worrying about the neighbours. Local pubs, social clubs and community centres often rent out function rooms cheaply, so it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Rope in extra help
Are you the kind of person that puts the weight of the world on their shoulders? When it comes to throwing an event, it can be stressful doing it alone. Roping in friends and family to help can make the process much more pleasant. You could have someone dealing with decorations, someone dealing with drinks, another hiring a dj or sorting the music. Ask people to help and then assign them with jobs, it means there’s less for you to remember or do and planning the party together could be a fun bonding session. Invite everyone around and brainstorm with a couple of drinks.