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The ceremony is over, the speeches went well, and now it’s time to enjoy the evening reception. Everyone report to the dance floor please because it’s about to get funky! At least, that’s the plan but it all depends on the band. If they aren’t ready to rock, then the evening party might be a dud and that’s not what the wedding party wants.

The gig depends on the preparation beforehand. Sure, they have a duty because they’re professionals yet you shouldn’t pick musicians that aren’t appropriate. Otherwise, the night is bound to go down like a lead balloon.

Check out the advice below for inspiration.

Watch Them!
One of the biggest mistakes bridal parties make is to sign them without checking out their act. Sorry, but one or two songs aren’t enough to tell whether they’ll be a hit at your wedding. Couples should always organize a night to go and watch them live in person to get the full experience. If that isn’t possible – they might not perform nearby – use a wedding guide to your advantage as they have videos as well as handy tips and tricks. Or, go on YouTube and pull up the performances of their last couple of concerts.

Musicians are artists, so they’ll want a license to play what they want, whereas you’ll want some input. Don’t think of it as a stalemate because wedding bands are usually pretty flexible regarding the setlist. Indeed, the majority of them will send the final edit through for the couple to check before the big day. However, you want some surprises so you shouldn’t take control. Instead, sit down and talk and tell them about a few of your favorite songs, then, let them do the rest. As George Michael once said, “you’ve got to have faith.”

Think About The Venue!
You’ve found an incredible band and created the ultimate setlist together, but there is one problem: the venue. Most sites will try and accommodate the wedding party as best as possible, yet some things are non-negotiable. The level of noise is one of them because it impacts the rest of their guests and creates tension. A wedding which takes place in a protected castle won’t want a rock band moshing out until 3 am in the morning. In this case, you might have to reconsider the music or the venue itself, whichever is less important.

Book Early!
And in the offseason if possible. The cost is always going to be an issue because wedding musicians charge more than anyone else. Still, no one wants their budget to get in the way of the biggest day of their life, so you need to think of hacks. One of the most effective is to book them way in advance and the offseason. Hopefully, this will keep the cost relatively low as their rates won’t be as high. Plus, it means they won’t be busy on your dates.

Picking the perfect wedding entertainment is about being proactive and realistic.