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Developing the habit of learning to be responsible with your finances.

“The secret of financial breakthroughs: Pay ten percent of any income you receive to God (i.e. tithe) and saving ten percent of your income as a payment for yourself.”
― Lailah Gifty Akita

I love being a mom! I love the sloppy kisses that my little ones give me; I love the cuddles; kissing the ouchies and seeing how gregarious and lively my kids can be! The innocence in their eyes and their precious dependance on me as their mother really warms and touches my heart every time I stop to think about. While this season of life is hard work because they do so heavily depend on me for so much, there is a part of me that hopes it doesn’t end too quickly. I know that one day they will grow up to be capable and independent individuals but for now, I want them to stay my precious little babies just for a little while longer…

I think that part of why I am not in a hurry for them to grow up fast is because I know what awaits them as they head off into the big wide world…

Adulthood and all of its big, scary responsibilities and demands!

I know that it is inevitable that they will one day grow up and have to confront  a life that involves paying bills, picking a career path and learning to juggle a tender work/life balance, navigating through love and romance, moving out of home and learning to handle their finances. And while there is a part of my heart that strives to raise well adjusted and well rounded  individuals, there is also a part of my mother;s heart that is nervous about what their ealry adult years will be like because , you know, there is no manual to tell us how to successfully circumvent our twenties. Figuring out this adulthood thing can be very tricky, especially when it comes to handling finances. Money can be a great blessing or a great source of frustration and stress depending on how you choose to steward it.  You can let money run your life or you can make the choice to learn how to handle your money so that it is not the driving force of what motivates your life.

I hope that as they years go by and my kids grow into self-aware and concientious adults, I hope that they can one day look back and see the good example that my husband and I tried to set for them when it comes to how we handled our finaces. I hope that when they reflect on what it was like to grow up in our home, that they will be able to  pick on some sound financial advice. I sure that they will see that we weren’t perfect, but I hope that they will also be able to see that we tried. I hope to have conversations with them where we talk about things like life, love and even finances and I hope that one day, they would feel comfortable enough to ask us for financial advice. If they did ask for our opinion on the matter, I think that this is what I would say…

1.Asking for financial assistance is okay
The first thing that you financial fledglings should know is that it is always okay to ask for financial assistance when you are struggling, and by not asking for such help you could end up putting yourself in unnecessary danger.

First of all, you should know that it is always okay to seek financial assistance from those closest to you in life, and pride should not hold you back from doing so. You see, these people will want to help you as they will want to see you financially stable, so don’t be afraid to ask them.

Second of all, you should know that it is also okay to seek professional borrowing assistance, such as that which is offered by loan companies, but only if you know you will be able to pay the money you borrow back on time. Third of all, you should always be open to accepting help in regards to your student debt, such as that which is offered by student debt relief programs, as cutting into that looming bill will give you the chance to control your finances far easier; make sure to check out some student debt relief reviews to find the program best suited to you.

Basically, just remember that is is always okay to ask for help.

2.Independence is also of importance!
However, as important as it is to be open to asking for help, it is still just as important to see independence with your finances and to sort them out yourself. Yes, Mommy and Daddy can’t be doing it now because now it’s down to you. Now, it’s down to you be sorting out meetings with your bank. Now, it’s down to you to be setting up specific savings accounts and ensuring enough money is being put into them regularly to build them up nicely. Now, it’s down to you to shape and control your financial future.

3.Staying atop of everything is vital!
Even if you’ve never been the type of person to stay on top of things in life, even in regards to your work at college, now is the time to do so. Yes, now it is time for you stay on top of things because your finances need to be stayed on top of — anything less will result in your losing a track of things and, ultimately, losing your hard-earned money. So, stay on top of all of your bills. Stay on top of your taxes. Stay on top of, well, everything in regards to both the money you bring in and the money you pay out.

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