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Your wedding, your venue, your day. These are important things to remember when planning your wedding; it is all about you. Now that isn’t to say you shouldn’t consider the little details that will help guests get the most out of the day but ultimately you want to be able to look back on your wedding for years to come and remember it as one of the best days of your life.

Planning a wedding can be as hard or as easy as you make it, there doesn’t need to be months of suffering especially when there are people who can help and the internet full of ideas and hidden jewels to get your wedding to be unique and most importantly yours. One of the main aspects of getting your wedding right is the location, whether that be the church for the nuptials or where you hold the reception.

Many types of function venues will put together an event you’ll never forget, but for you it is essential to make sure they are willing to cater to your traditions and your every want and desire. Also key is how will the venue look in photographs; make sure there is good lighting and architecture, that the room is big enough to welcome your guests but not so big that they get lost in the furnishings. With lots of modern venues becoming more regular in the wedding scene, it might be preferable for you to look into a more traditional site to set your day apart from others.

Don’t underestimate, as if you would, how much planning goes into your wedding day and finding the perfect venue is going to be vital to a lot of that plan falling into place. As discussed here your venue is linked to so many other decisions that it really is key to creating the day you want. So make sure you have the date, the rough guest number and the image of what you wish for your wedding day ready before choosing the venue because once you do, it all becomes about fitting your ideas into this location.

Photo by Ibrahim Asad from Pexels


The little wedding details will feature heavily when you come to choose your wedding so what are they are? Well for starters, you must make sure your venue has a good size to fit all your guests into the seating arrangement you have planned. If cousin Joe shouldn’t be sat near auntie Edna, then you want to be sure enough distance separates the tables in the room that you’re not keeping an eye on their chairs throughout the wedding breakfast.

Additionally, accessibility is key. Make sure you have the option for people who struggle with stairs and the like to be able to access your reception hall. This may seem like something someone else should be dealing with, but you don’t want to have guests coming up to you and asking about access to the room when the photographer is asking for you most romantic gaze.

No matter when you decide to get married, booking the venue sooner rather than later is a must. The last thing you want to happen is you set your heart on a date and venue but the two don’t match up. It may seem like such an obvious thing to do, but the wedding world is littered with stories of couples missing out on their venue because they left it too late to book. As soon as you get confirmation, send out those save the date.

Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels

So, you’ve got the date and you’ve booked the venue. Your guests have been sent save the dates and invites. Music has been discussed and the food is arranged. But how are you getting to the venue? Arriving in style is not something to compromise on. That journey from the ceremony to the reception is one you’ll share only with your new spouse so, a luxury car or a vehicle with a personal touch referencing your lives together or an in-joke are special ways to spend the first few minutes of married life together.

There are many details that go into your wedding day that when the big day comes it will seem like the last many months of planning have been a blur. But the focal point of any wedding day is the venue and as has been discussed here, getting that right can really set your day off with the bang it deserves. Your family and friends will come to see you connect with your partner but they will leave having been given a glimpse into your shared minds. The ideas you come up with will stay with them as they remember the trinkets and the music, the decoration and the food but most of all where they were when you got hitched.