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Couples vow to love, respect and care for another for a lifetime. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about the price of the big day. For a whole day of fun, most brides and grooms spend upwards of $10,000, and that amount is considered cheap. The majority of people are happy to splash the cash because it’s a special occasion where no expense should be spared. Still, it’s only logical to try and make purchases which are as savvy as they are romantic. Although this may seem impossible, it isn’t with the correct acquisitions.

Here are the things to buy along with the essentials.

A Lifetime Warranty

You want the rings, engagement, and wedding, to last as long as the marriage. After all, they are symbols of your connection and the importance of your relationship. But, continually paying to get a rock fixed or repaired is going to test the most devout of couples. After a while, you may even stop wearing it for the simple fact that you can’t be bothered. With a lifetime guarantee, there’s no reason to take it off again. Https:// points out that James Allen has this service if you need a place to start. However, lots of suppliers do these days – you need to ask.

Venue Insurance

Sometimes, you can book a venue and put down a deposit only for the establishment to say there’s an issue. With a double booking or a flood or an unforeseen circumstance, you may be out of pocket without a venue. The good news is you can purchase venue insurance from the likes of The Insurance Emporium and Wedding Plan. Go to for more details. With a high rate of liability, it should protect your big day from everything including natural disasters to bankruptcy.


Wedding Videographer

Sadly, memories don’t last a lifetime and they do begin to fade. And, so do wedding photos if they aren’t properly maintained. If they get wet and are left in a moldy closet, they will get ruined. That’s why a videographer is a wise investment. Capturing the whole day on video means you can save it to a USB drive and store it away for safekeeping. Not only that but you will be able to keep it on your computer too. That way, there are multiple backups in case anything goes wrong. Always hire a pro rather than asking a friend to make sure the quality is high.

A Plus One

It’s easy to forget that you want a copy of everything you send to your guests. You may be the main attraction, yet it doesn’t mean you don’t want an invitation to remember the big day. Small things like that are excellent reminders of the day you tied the knot. With that in mind, buy the exact amount of stuff and then add one for you and your hubby-to-be.

It may add a little extra to the price, but it’ll be worth it in the long run