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When it comes to wedding fashion, I’m sure that all of our attention will focus primarily on the bride and all her bridesmaids. But let’s not forget that the wedding isn’t just about the bride – there’s the groom to consider as well!

In fact, groom fashion is just as big as the bridal fashion, and is also something that can change according to current trends and styles. However, there are some traditional aspects of fashion for grooms that it is always best to stick with to ensure that the groom looks great when he’s waiting for his bride at the church. If you are planning on getting married soon, you might want to pass on these fashion rules to your husband-to-be to ensure he looks perfect on the big day!


Coordinate With The Bride
Even though the bride and groom shouldn’t see each other’s wedding outfit before the big day, it’s still a good idea to discuss the kinds of styles you are both going for. This will help you coordinate with one another. The wedding is a chance for you both to show off your style as a couple, and it isn’t fair if one of you stands out more than the other.


Coordinate With The Groomsmen
Of course, it isn’t just the bride who the groom should coordinate with. You also need to remember that the groom has a whole team behind him, in the form of his groomsmen. The groomsmen should all be dressed in the same suits, and will have to look very similar to the groom. This way, everyone knows who the groomsmen are, and they won’t just be mistaken for wedding guests.


The Suit Should Fit The Level Of Formality
If you take a look at the John Henric site, you will notice that there are different styles of suits, all of which are aimed at different formal events. It is really important that you consider how formal your wedding will be as this will dictate the formality of the groom’s suit. For instance, if you are getting married in a church and are having a very traditional ceremony, then you will want to go for something quite formal. However, for those of you who are jetting off to wed on a tropical island, then it’s ok to find a suit that is a bit more casual.
Get The Fit Right
It is important that the groom has a fitting session for his suit. This gives him the chance to see if the suit fits him correctly. If not, he will have time to send it back for adjustments. A small portion of the shirt cuff should be showing from under the jacket sleeve, and the shirt collar should sit flat at the back of the neck. Make sure the trousers don’t cover the whole of the shoe – they need to sit flat at the top and only cover at most a third of the shoe.

As you can see, the groom has a few fashion rules to adhere to!